Twainward Tapestry Tetraptych

by Caleb Shetland | twitter: @calebshetland website: When Mike and Jerry first posted this poem all those years ago, that’s when the Eyrewood suddenly became a real place in my mind; I could see generations of frightened Eyrefolk passing this rhyme down in whispers, … Continue readingTwainward Tapestry Tetraptych

3D Printed Greenheart Mask

For any Watchers interested in the healing arts with a sideline in cooperative smashing, @Shoebear shares their plans that you can use to 3D-print a Greenheart mask of your very own.

Sign of Thorns

Sign of Thorns by Andrew Borck | @bfriendlygiant NOTICE: Due to increased activity around the village, citizens are asked to stay within village limits after dusk. Any visitors are advised to leave early and stay on the roads. Increased foot patrols will add to overall … Continue readingSign of Thorns

Name Day

Name Day by Culix They say it makes no difference which knot you tie; you cannot save your child. Her wrinkled face shines up at me, eyes shut. Belly full, finally, she begins her first slumber. The sun’s rays kiss the treetips, and I have … Continue readingName Day

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Daughter by Dylan Hansen My girl dreams of a night that’s full,Moon beams scattered as ropes to pull,  Night rose glowing on a vine made spire,And birds of prey nesting on a low fence pire,  Buds begin to bloom her crown of light,Called to the … Continue readingDaughter

The Dance in the Glade

The Dance in the Glade by Kayne Brookes Seek thee out wisp-bound glade mine son,the Daughter bids thee cometo merry dance that has begunamoung strange friends so glum. Proud Seeded Lion with deep bowdoth greet his mistress kind.A burning kiss upon his brow,his rage the … Continue readingThe Dance in the Glade

Lost Honor Knot

Lost Honor Knot by Andrew Borck |@bfriendlygiant For when a Lookouts leader has lost his way. The Venuvium Bush is simple to spot even for the newest Lookout; covered in ropey vines and sharp thorns, they are taught early and reminded often that it’s thorns … Continue readingLost Honor Knot

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Twain O’er Wagon

by Kayne Brookes Twist Raven’s tooth about grey birch ere ye lament the lost. Two figures dashed silently through the darkened woods. Moving with a self-assured grace that bespoke both an intimate familiarity with their surroundings and a singular and burning purpose, an observer might … Continue readingTwain O’er Wagon