Twainward Tapestry Tetraptych

by Caleb Shetland | twitter: @calebshetland website: When Mike and Jerry first posted this poem all those years ago, that’s when the Eyrewood suddenly became a real place in my mind; I could see generations of frightened Eyrefolk passing this rhyme down in whispers, … Continue readingTwainward Tapestry Tetraptych

3D Printed Greenheart Mask

For any Watchers interested in the healing arts with a sideline in cooperative smashing, @Shoebear shares their plans that you can use to 3D-print a Greenheart mask of your very own.

The Prior

by Sam Hudson | @heroinstitute |

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Deputy by Sam Hudson | @heroinstitute |  

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Eyrewood Guard

Eyrewood Guard by Sam Hudson |  @HeroInstitute  |

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Eyrewood Stitches

Eyrewood Stitches by Ren  |   twitter: @Renfamous Cross-stitch creations  from  Ren,  created  for  the  Child’s  Play Charity auction.

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