Sign of Thorns

Sign of Thorns by Andrew Borck | @bfriendlygiant NOTICE: Due to increased activity around the village, citizens are asked to stay within village limits after dusk. Any visitors are advised to leave early and stay on the roads. Increased foot patrols will add to overall … Continue readingSign of Thorns

Name Day

Name Day by Culix They say it makes no difference which knot you tie; you cannot save your child. Her wrinkled face shines up at me, eyes shut. Belly full, finally, she begins her first slumber. The sun’s rays kiss the treetips, and I have … Continue readingName Day

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Lost Honor Knot

Lost Honor Knot by Andrew Borck |@bfriendlygiant For when a Lookouts leader has lost his way. The Venuvium Bush is simple to spot even for the newest Lookout; covered in ropey vines and sharp thorns, they are taught early and reminded often that it’s thorns … Continue readingLost Honor Knot

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Twain O’er Wagon

by Kayne Brookes Twist Raven’s tooth about grey birch ere ye lament the lost. Two figures dashed silently through the darkened woods. Moving with a self-assured grace that bespoke both an intimate familiarity with their surroundings and a singular and burning purpose, an observer might … Continue readingTwain O’er Wagon

Lover’s Bramble

Lover’s Bramble by Andrew Borck | @bfriendlygiant We are ghosts, summoned out of the aether for that which is too much for those on the material plane to handle. We are summoned through knots, which vary based on the need and the person tying them. … Continue readingLover’s Bramble

The Former Warden

The Former Warden by Paul E. Olson Bren carefully settled the heavy basket next to the holly tree and stood. Absentmindedly looking about, he ran a hand through his light brown hair. He stood taller than most and had a barrel chest that heaved as … Continue readingThe Former Warden

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The Gathering

The Gathering by Lee McKeeman   Barth felt the tug of the call. A knot had been tied, a plea rang out, and he was part of the forest’s answer. It would go on this way until the forest felt his service was complete. “Bent … Continue readingThe Gathering

Midnight Council

Midnight Council by Kristan R. Kelskar Oh my. Who have we here? In these late midnight hours? Who rumbles through this old abandoned inn in this old abandoned part of the woods? A new haunting? Nah! Too much light in this ruin of a house. … Continue readingMidnight Council

The Shrike

The Shrike by Sam J. Brougher  Nali stumbled through the dark wood as fast as she could. She glanced back, saw nothing, and slipped over a moss-covered boulder. Her legs split painfully, banging her rear knee into the boulder. She rolled, tumbling down the bank … Continue readingThe Shrike