Eyrewood Halloween

Eyrewood Halloween   Below is a collection of photos you mortals sent to something called “Penny-Arcade” in an effort to show your respect for the Eyrewood in what we believe is some kind of annual costume party. We find your display… pleasing.  Please do not … Continue readingEyrewood Halloween

Daughters of the Eyrewood Cosplay

Daughters of the Eyrewood Cosplay by Ren and Peony | twitter: @renfamous A couple Daughters of the Eyrewood explore the local surroundings.    And even budding (haha) Daughters have to eat every once in a while.   

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Daughter and Grove Lion

Daughter and Grove Lion by Anne Richmond and Brandon Jones | Twitter: @annerichmond   Anne Richmond (Daughter of the Eyrewood) and Brandon Jones (Grove Lion) shot these pictures while at PAX East 2015. We start things off with a shot with the creators of the Eyrewood, … Continue readingDaughter and Grove Lion