Daughter by Dylan Hansen My girl dreams of a night that’s full,Moon beams scattered as ropes to pull,  Night rose glowing on a vine made spire,And birds of prey nesting on a low fence pire,  Buds begin to bloom her crown of light,Called to the … Continue readingDaughter

Set in Stone

Set in Stone by Dylan Hansen   Though the nights seep with fog, And the the limbs dip deep into the bog, The eyes gaze red and see your bones, Turning the flesh into stones,   The sounds of pain get lost in the mire, … Continue readingSet in Stone

Greenheart of Darkess

Greenheart of Darkness Opening/Encounter 1 The Thornwatch are summoned to find a wounded Greenheart laying at the base of a tree between two boulders, which lies in the middle of a meadow. This Greenheart is having trouble breathing and is slowly dying; its green skin … Continue readingGreenheart of Darkess