How to Tie the Bent Bow Knot

Fear the darkness! Heed the omen!
Trust in distance, speaks the bowman.
Approach not closely, lest ye narrow
All your hopes down to one arrow.

The Bent Bow knot is the tool of the blood archer. It should not be drawn unless you wish to slay your target. All else would be folly.

Begin with two parallel cords drawn tight as if strung from a pine bow.

String up one across the other, not too tight yet!

Around it goes, like an archer circling their prey.

The trap is sprung underneath.

Round and round it goes. No escape is here.

Place your arrow shaft amid the trap. Should you not have an arrow handy, an awl will suffice.

Pull the string back through the trap, along the shaft.

Out goes the arrow, and the prey is caught.

But wait! Another denizen of the forest aims to flee. Replicate your last steps on this side.

Leave more slack on your first string, to lull your prey into false security.

Snip! Snip! The bowman’s knife seals its fate.

Now your Bent Bow knot is complete, and the hunt abides for another day.