Travelers Song


by Devin A Poet

Remember these words, my lone little child,

Lest you wander and die, lost in the wild.

You need be prepared in the Wood of Eyre,

For you might face a beast or get torn by the briar.


Bring boots, for when there’s no path ‘neath your feat’.

Bread, jerky, cheese, and some dried fruit to eat.

Bring a warm cloak, to weather the seasons,

And bring some salt for obvious reasons.


When e’re you can, pay with story or song,

And be polite, forests’ mem’ries are long.

Pennies or blood pay whatever the cost.

Spike when you camp, or your tent will get lost.


Keep knives close at hand, and keep your feet light.

Keep your words kind, but be ready to fight.

A coin made of iron touching your skin

Can stop others thoughts from creeping with-in.


Burn you no wood from trees that have faces.

Bring fire and iron, into dark places.

Take some silver with your name engraven.

Names writ in silver can not be taken.


Most of all child, never travel alone.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll make it back home.


– Devin A Poet