Welcome to Eyrewood Adventures

All is not well in the Eyrewood. But you are the bravest and most tenacious of the village, and so you shall be armed with the weapons of the Wood. No, not knives and stones. Here, there is music, artisanship, and storytelling. A true denizen of the Eyrewood knows that the most powerful weapon is Hope.

This gallery is composed of many things which you and those like you can submit for judgment. The categories are:

  • Art—paintings, sculptures, creations of any medium.
  • Cosplay—person and animals in the garb of the Wood.
  • Gameplay—storyboards, gameplay mods, and other tools of the table.
  • Knots—tied accoutrements that may give enhancements to heroes.
  • Music—audio and video of pastoral songs and melodies.
  • Poetry—written lyricisms to melt the heart.
  • Stories—thrilling tales of adventure and suffering.

Create these and we shall judge their worthiness for inclusion in this gallery.

You shall also see official words and works from us. These are of these types:

  • Pronouncements—bold statements which bring illumination to these dark woods.
  • Judgments—answers to the questions you proffer before our pantheon.
  • Resources—vital documents delivered from us unto you.

Speak to us and we shall answer your queries.

Much is in the Eyrewood, and much more shall appear. Go forth and peruse!

 The Judges