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How long is a round?

A round lasts until every momentum card has been turned sideways, then the round ends.

Do pack monsters all move, then all attack (or vice versa)? Or do they take individual turns?

They take individual turns until each pack monster has taken a turn, then you rotate their momentum card.

Can I roll more dice than are in the box on a single attack?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of dice you can roll at one time.

Which storyboards should I start a session with?

The opening storyboards in the Core Set are A Bad Deal, A Thirst for Knowledge, May He Die in the Forest, and The Singer in the Dark. In The Dark of the Wood, you can start with The Cloak of Flesh, The Road Untraveled, or any of the ones that begin with The Riddle of Seasons (except The Season Eternal).

If I deal out random terrain cards at the start of a scene, do I need to place them all?

No, you can always choose not to place a terrain card.

The back of the Core Set box says it’s for 3-5 players plus a Judge, but the symbol below says it’s for 3-6 players. Which is right?

The symbol. You can definitely play with 2 players and a Judge.

Do reaction cards need to be slotted and powered before being used?

Yes, all cards must be slotted and fully powered to be activated and playable.

After I roll a number of hits against a hero, how many wounds do I give them?

A number equal to the number of hits.

Where do returned wounds go?

No matter where they come from—your hand, your deck, wherever—they go back to the Judge’s wound deck.

When a monster or denizen’s momentum card falls off the edge and it still has a pawn on the map, is the card still turned sideways or does it get another turn?

The momentum card stays turned sideways.

In A Bad Deal, the rules say the monsters may attack markers “as if they were enemies.” Do these markers count as allies to the heroes?

Markers will only count as allies if the rules said they do. In this case, they do not.

In May He Die in the Forest, it’s possible for all monsters to be defeated and no Lookouts to escape. Do the heroes win

At least one Lookout must escape for the heroes to succeed in this scene.

The Unsundered card Shunt says “Resolve the attack against a different target here that is not the attacking enemy.” Can this target be another enemy pawn?