The Gathering

The Gathering by Lee McKeeman   Barth felt the tug of the call. A knot had been tied, a plea rang out, and he was part of the forest’s answer. It would go on this way until the forest felt his service was complete. “Bent … Continue readingThe Gathering

Midnight Council

Midnight Council by Kristan R. Kelskar   Oh my. Who have we here? In these late midnight hours? Who rumbles through this old abandoned inn in this old abandoned part of the woods? A new haunting? Nah! Too much light in this ruin of a … Continue readingMidnight Council

The Shrike

The Shrike by Sam J. Brougher   Nali stumbled through the dark wood as fast as she could. She glanced back, saw nothing, and slipped over a moss-covered boulder. Her legs split painfully, banging her rear knee into the boulder. She rolled, tumbling down the … Continue readingThe Shrike

Rose to Remember

Rose to Remember by Josh Mahler   Rose to remember, raspberry to protect. Wound about the birch and bound in blood. In the Eyre’s dark this will preserve, help you remember who you were. ‘Ware the dark paths and forests song. ‘Ware the deep places … Continue readingRose to Remember

Eyrewood Halloween

Eyrewood Halloween   Below is a collection of photos you mortals sent to something called “Penny-Arcade” in an effort to show your respect for the Eyrewood in what we believe is some kind of annual costume party. We find your display… pleasing.  Please do not … Continue readingEyrewood Halloween


Twainward by Tyler Kalicicki   The forest had drawn silent all around Mikael. Small birds and other prey could sense the hunger in the gathered predators and were keen to avoid being the next target. Shrill shrieks came from the two gliders in front of him … Continue readingTwainward