Eyrewood Halloween

Eyrewood Halloween   Below is a collection of photos you mortals sent to something called “Penny-Arcade” in an effort to show your respect for the Eyrewood in what we believe is some kind of annual costume party. We find your display… pleasing.  Please do not … Continue readingEyrewood Halloween


Twainward by Tyler Kalicicki   The forest had drawn silent all around Mikael. Small birds and other prey could sense the hunger in the gathered predators and were keen to avoid being the next target. Shrill shrieks came from the two gliders in front of him … Continue readingTwainward

Travelers Song

TRAVELERS SONG by Devin A Poet   Remember these words, my lone little child, Lest you wander and die, lost in the wild. You need be prepared in the Wood of Eyre, For you might face a beast or get torn by the briar.   … Continue readingTravelers Song

The Tithe

The Tithe by Anne Richmond and the Sirens of Sterling | Twitter: @annerichmond This song was written by Anne Richmond and arranged by the Sirens of Sterling. It is based on “The Tithe” by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade. You can watch a recording … Continue readingThe Tithe

The Forget Me Knot

The Forget Me Knot by Ren Cooper | Twitter: @renfamous   Here we have the Forget Me Knot by Ren Cooper, tied to a tree in traditional Thornwatch fashion, followed by a Forget Me Knot as a crown for a Daughter of the Eyrewood.

Eyrewood Stitches

Eyrewood Stitches by Lauren Cooper  |   twitter: @Renfamous   Cross-stitch creations  from  Lauren Renfamous  Cooper,  created  for  the  Childs  Play auction.  

Daughter and Grove Lion

Daughter and Grove Lion by Anne Richmond and Brandon Jones | Twitter: @annerichmond   Anne Richmond (Daughter of the Eyrewood) and Brandon Jones (Grove Lion) shot these pictures while at PAX East 2015. We start things off with a shot with the creators of the Eyrewood, … Continue readingDaughter and Grove Lion

Jesse’s Bramble

Jesse’s Bramble by Martin Karsten / @apeot1980 Jesse woke to the sound of claws scratching over the roof and was immediately aware of a whole tapestry of sounds filling the little hut that was home: Roots burrowing through the floorboards, branches slapping against the Karstwalls … Continue readingJesse’s Bramble