The Weaver’s Knot

The Eyrewood’s deep and ever-changing,Mind the Weaver when you’re ranging.When you’re lost, no place to hide,Thorns ’round birch invoke your guide. Begin with the bend in the middle of the road. Follow the road in a circle, around like a spinning wheel. Catch the middle … Continue readingThe Weaver’s Knot

Crow’s Loop Guide

Attend, my child, for some terrors cannot be stopped. They perch high out of reach of even the mightiest bow. Call for aid with the Crow’s Loop, a knot that seems simple and weak, but hides a devious trap. Begin with length enough to circle … Continue readingCrow’s Loop Guide

The Dance in the Glade

The Dance in the Glade by Kayne Brookes Seek thee out wisp-bound glade mine son,the Daughter bids thee cometo merry dance that has begunamoung strange friends so glum. Proud Seeded Lion with deep bowdoth greet his mistress kind.A burning kiss upon his brow,his rage the … Continue readingThe Dance in the Glade

Daughter and Grove Lion

Daughter and Grove Lion by Anne Richmond and Brandon Jones | Twitter: @annerichmond   Anne Richmond (Daughter of the Eyrewood) and Brandon Jones (Grove Lion) shot these pictures while at PAX East 2015. We start things off with a shot with the creators of the Eyrewood, … Continue readingDaughter and Grove Lion

Tie A Knot

Tie A Knot by Amy Vorpahl & Maxi Morales  |  twitter/Instagram:  @vorpahlsword @themaximorales Cover Art by Thomas Brin   Amy Vorpahl wrote “Tie A Knot” to share her love of the Eyrewood and tell the story of tying knots to summon the Thornwatch for different purposes  … Continue readingTie A Knot